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tv   [untitled]    January 14, 2015 6:30am-7:01am PST

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board of education that superintendent report superintendant carranza. >> thank you, president more and more rose and geefrg or good evening to everyone a joyful and happy new year although this is the second week of school it's been in session sins the new year and this is my opportunity to say happy new year and welcome back to 9 second seniority we're hit the nail on the head in 2015 and as evidence of that this past saturday numerous unified school district leaders including the board of education, had the opportunity to champions the bayview hunters point neighborhood to promote our willie brown, jr. middle school the reports were stellar they knocked on doors talking about the great opportunity the status quo and the state our
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school will be in one the finest middle school in the nation if you have a fifth grader out there you can still enroll but the deadline for first round is january 16th we're shooting for an enrollment of 2 hundred students and already close to our 2 hundred students that have summit to the willie brown, jr. school it will have an excellent opportunity for students we courage i to submit an application lyle i'm to thank the commissioners and staff that worked and walked and spoke and had interactions with our community this saturday thank you very, very much i'd like to annunciation as our students start the second semester they'll take the
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assessments there are a lot of communication what the assessments mean one the questions is well, can you choose to not have the district participate in taking the assessments those are assessments required by the state of california for all students so we don't have the choice of saying we president obama out but we know our teachers area administrators are doing all they can to prepare our students to be successful in their assessments which will assess their proficiency those have taken on computer by our students in grades 3 through 8 and 11 including the video and audio as well as provisions for student needs for the common core state standards and assess newer learning was students could be asked to select all
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answers or students maybe asked in other open-ended questions to explain their questions urging the evidence we've raised the bar to make sure the students are college and career ready and test scores that raise the bars as we work towards having our students be ready for vision 2025 we'll compare our students 0 scores to make sure that san francisco is receiving the world-class education so let's get ready to welcome the new year as our students gear up for the challenges we'll have a series of informational nights for parents to come and learn offhand about the segments one is upcoming and our director
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and superintendent will be sending information look for various announcements around the city of san francisco on our muni buses and on mrashgdz across the city sharing what those new taements assessments mean for everyone i had this weekend the opportunity and prim of accompanying 50 of our principles to west lake for the courageous principles professional development i have to say i've also been proud of the leadership in san francisco's public schools leadership is not an easy endeavor yet our principles do it effort leslie we were able to learn the skills and framework for deeply our leadership and looking forward to sharing that as you have more principles and
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teachers eventually participate in this professional development opportunity i'd like to thank the mayor's office i'd like to thank deallot for participating with us and the department of children youth and the families for making this possible including our partners with salesforce they have helped us to support this opportunity your investment and leadership as a investment in the leadership of our students this is the first announcement of the year i apologize in advance i'm also proud to say that san francisco unified school district has played its part in the fabric of our city we've reduced our water usage by 43 percent n this november (clapping) so in the fail the san francisco utilities commission calculated how much organizations were using for escaping and november
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was the first most of the water reduction program they were asking for a 10 percent and we far surpassed that achieved by the landscaping we shortened the watering time and we also had you nurmsz teachers and administrators across the district work with students on water conservation sfusd staff has made great strives to reduce the water and under the guidance of the stblthd department i want it thank you and sfusd is leading the way in our city and state in terms of the being kind to our environment congratulations students and staff (clapping) and before i pend my remarks this evening i also want to
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introduce two staff members that are joining our senior leadership team won is someone we already know but tsa has been promoted to our new chief executive officer retro at that are you here (clapping) there you are you are chief executive officer and who is rightfully and earned the opportunity retire i'd like to welcome to the sfusd family our now technology officer that is going to be joining us ferment in april we're fortunate we stole her away from posting we got melissa dodd as a our chief operating officer melissa is relocating from boston where
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she's worked for the boston schools and serving as the chief of staff but served as the heave officer in the public schools she'll officially join us in april but been working with us on our district plan and a our vision 2025 plan and phone call on the information technology so welcome to the city melissa i'm proud to say that melissa have a kindergartener in the public schools back in august (clapping.) so president murase that's my report. >> thank you very much suspect r superintendant carranza the next item on the agenda is the recommendations for the
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accomodation we have many things to celebrate i want to call on the superintendent to recognize our national board certified teachers. (clapping.) >> thank you president murase we've enjoyed this meeting of year every year it gets more and more crowded which is a good thing one the goals one day we're going to have to announce our board confident teachers in the moscone center but i want to invite our chief operating office to share with the board certification polls in the continuum in for the educators. >> thank you superintendant carranza and wanting more and more rose congratulations and
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members and commissioners of the board guests honorees my name is superintendent i'm the chief executive officer for the curriculum inclusive of the leadership the role of the division and the office of the professional learning to advance the learning in the unified school district and because of the hyper will continue to there having a high performance fault of leaders with the teaching administrator is important there are leadership that support the teachers and administers along with the interims to master teacher to cite administrator and beyond this is our strategy plan our vision 20 with 25 national board certification is a braid that allows the teachers to demonstrate the accomplished
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teacher and the committee for the process under the leadership of chris and sarah and maggie and others and eric the national board 6th district is a high priority we courage the teachers to have the national certification so i want to acknowledge them for more than a decade i searched as a site administrator i was fortunate to have national board certified teachers on staff i was left between an impression how exhausted those candidates they were planning their lessons now they have assignment for their board certification but also how proud they were when they completed that year because
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they gave a you up vacation and they gave up family in a lot of ways and said i'll be with you honey as soon as i'm finished that's huge because it demonstrates the commitments they have to the profession of education. >> tonight's celebration, however, as much as we celebrate i is not simply recognition of our accomplishment it is much more than that a public call to action but all of us including our families and friends and colleagues as well as those back at our schools it is beginning of a journey for each of you and cause for you to lead in the public transformation and
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expertise in various capacities to make sure that each student achieves and read for the transition individually and collectively you reflect what is true about the unified school district and the profile of those who choose to serve the students your commitment and passion and our love for this work b will continue to make sfusd great on behalf of the division of curriculum and instruction we congratulate you and looking forward to continuing to work with you on this next phase of our professional journey congratulations (clapping). >> and now superintendent. >> thank you, president murase
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just a few comments dr. valentine mentioned those teachers are worked hard most up to 5 hundred hours plus their teaching day analyzing their videos on hair own personal instruction and rectifying student work and growing their knowledge of the work if you want to think of what it is like i want to invite one to videotape themselves at work and work a full day and watch user do our work and figure out how to do it better it's an incredible amount 6 work over 3 hundred thaefrnz in san francisco unified school district have business owner become board certified this year's class of 38 teachers is the largest yet (clapping.) i'm going to share nor stavenlgz with you while the national
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average is 3 percent in san francisco unified school district we have 8 percent of our teachers that have national board certification (clapping) we have 38 which our colleagues that have earned the national where had of certification our north next cohort of teaches is one hundred and 10 when you think about that what that means in san francisco we're the number one per capital per certified teachers in their teacher workforce in the state of california and number 13 in the nation how about a round of applause for our - (clapping) commissioners, i want to recognize the hard work is not unnoticed the national broad support has been completed in a $13,000.00 grant that partnered with washington and new york and kentucky like ken cane and oars
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and new mexico their team the network to transport is changing the education by growing the nukes of national board certified and looking at san francisco i want to add my thanks not only to dr. valentine and others for their incredible support but your program coordinators eric lewis and others and i want to thank deborah and kari you've done a wonderful job of growing our program how about a round of applause (clapping.) so dr. murase i'd like to invite you to join me but it is only fitting that we ask the program crossroads to come forward and
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superintendent we're going to need a bigger room next year so teachers as we call our name come on up debbie (clapping.) malin paulson (clapping) athena (clapping.) amber cooper (clapping) sarah morlz
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(clapping.) troy hyatt (clapping) alison (clapping.) mitch relief (clapping.) andy hanson (clapping) nancy la sar. >> (clapping) betty (clapping)
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lindsey (clapping.) marcie ryan (clapping.) and denise (clapping.) emily law (clapping) daniel beemer (clapping) (clapping) julie atkin (clapping) curtis chin (clapping) joy wong
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(clapping) nancy hunk (clapping.) karen lamb (clapping) olivia pope (clapping) daniel wagner (clapping) and after this group of people there will be a special presentation from the zone christie (clapping.)
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(clapping.) katherine burk anna marie booth (clapping) mia russ (clapping) raymond lee (clapping) tesla joy (clapping) alison wagner (clapping) crystal (clapping.)
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maria hunt (clapping) and elizabeth making nab (clapping) and that - and i'd like to introduce ms. thompson with a special presentation. >> dr. murase congratulations and wanting mr. haney congratulations and superintendent carranza and congratulations and your first year and on behalf of the strunth we thought we'll acknowledged the 8 teachers from the bayview so could the two principles moore as well as ms.
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aflac please join me we would like to say congratulations to you (clapping) and we're very proud of the 8 of you first of all if you thank you for the opportunity supreme court and deputy superintendant new board members and commissioner and staff great schools need and have great teachers and it is my pleasure to recognize four outstanding teachers who's commitment who's dedication who's sacrifice and who's passion has helped to raise the level of excellence not only as george washington but the whole community without further ado i'd like to
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recognize ms. crystal (clapping.) i'd like to just read one the certificates so you'll know what they say they say certificate of recognition presented to it names the school we extend our congratulations as a member of the san francisco unified school district national board certified teachers class of 2014 presented by the bayview zone team that the desmond superintendent january 13, 2015, thank you (clapping.) ms. mia russ (clapping) mrs. maria hunt
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(clapping.) extra and at least our dynamic elizabeth making nab principle affleck. >> i'll keep this short and sweet it's bittersweet to see the carve come up they're my former home i know the teachers that went through this i'm really persuade proud of you and also proud of the paul revere staff we had 12 teachers of a school of about thirty go their their national board and extremely proud of them andy hanson
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(clapping.) (clapping.) massachusetts tsa la joy (clapping.) sarah (clapping) and malin paulson (clapping) ms. virginia marshall would you represent the san francisco unified school district educators plaques please. boy isle i've got to step up quick good evening to the boards commissioners this is a wonderful day in the african-american community in that we saw you you born last
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tuesday congratulations to emily more and more rose and hydra mendosa-mcdonnell our heart was happen after 29 years a homicide man sittings on the board of education there are a lot of handsome men here but (laughter) you know what i mean (laughter) so congratulations to each congratulations to each of you so are be superintendant carranza and all the esteemed guests thank you for being here this is a special night in the african-american it says in one hundred years it wouldn't matter with wyoming what car you drove or house you lived in what matters is what you did positive in the life of a child if this is true certainly it typifies
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wasn't i said in galileo high school i have a homicide man in my class he became any son in the classroom one day he said ms. marshall my mom was a teacher i thought your mom what a attorney i got to know that family and we've been there a family i want you to come forward so be honored in our community you know your hearts are sad in the african-american community but today is a great day we thank you on behalf of the san francisco educators it's any honor to present a certificate of as a board have teachers there are only two of african-american decendents in fact you have to come to meet
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to encourage more african-american teachers to become board certified so extend our congratulations as a member of the unified school district national board teachers of class of 2014 presented by the san francisco alliance of the black school folks and the virginia marshall the president (clapping.) (laughter.) >> i'd like to rivet or invite my colleagues if there's no further presentation and have the teachers stand one round of applause and we'll let you get back to business 2014 (clapping.)
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thank you very much. >> other comments from any colleagues? commissioner norton >> i think this is amazing everybody is leaving but it's amazing and we should be all proud i'm proud and the teachers should be proud we socializing needs to rethink the ceremony next year. >> if i could please ask the audience there's comments directed towards the leadership. >> commissioner shamann walton. >> i hope you remain san francisco teachers congratulations. >> (clapping.) commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell thank you all our children


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